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Our Business


Venitage, LLC is a Twin Cities-based firm dedicated to providing the highest quality family office services to individual families and to family offices.

With more than fifty years of collective experience, Venitage has a team of professionals who have built and maintained trusting relationships with clients across a wide range of financial, legal and personal matters. Venitage’s founders – John Crumrine and Tim Naumann – have over thirty years of experience working in significant single-family offices, serving very high net worth clients in a variety of capacities.

John has been CEO of three family offices over a sixteen-year period, and has a prior background in senior financial management and law. With fourteen years of experience with two family offices, Tim Naumann focused on sourcing and managing alternative investments for his client families, enhanced by eight years of helping other families build, realize and manage created value.

Charles Palmer, is a seasoned business leader and former Regional Managing Director of a large accounting firm. Charles has helped numerous individual and business clients design and execute solutions to the complex challenges they are facing.

Our Services

Families of wealth are looking for a customized, complete and integrated approach to the advisory services they receive. Traditional professional advisors to families often focus on their technical area of expertise and may not fully meet the complex and diverse needs of the family.

Family Office Services for Individuals and Their Families: As a multi-family office, we provide a la carte services customized to your family’s situation – based on your unique goals and your specific needs. We help you organize and simplify, allowing you to use your wealth to make your life better, simpler and your family successful and happier.

Supplemental and Advisory Services for Family Offices: Venitage can assist your Family Office in serving the needs of your clients. We are available to help your team when additional resources are needed to meet a tight deadline, or where a special project is best handled outside your organization. Venitage can also provide operational insights to your Family Office leadership to help your office run as efficiently as possible.

Establishing a Family Office: Venitage can help you carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of forming your own Family Office. If you decide to proceed, we can help you structure and staff your office.