Family Office Services for Individuals and Families

Better Service, Defined on Your Terms

Families of wealth are looking for a customized, complete and integrated approach to the advisory services they receive. Traditional professional advisors to families often focus on their technical area of expertise and may not fully meet the complex and diverse needs of the family. Most importantly, families are seeing the value of outsourcing the technical aspects of the services they receive. By doing so, they can focus on growing a trusted relationship with a team of experienced professionals who can provide ongoing advice to integrate, explain and ensure the quality of the services they receive.

An Open Architecture Partner

In appropriate circumstances, Venitage will work with clients to engage third-party technical professionals, such as investment advisors, accountants, lawyers and risk management experts to assist in meeting the family’s needs. Venitage is committed to provide high quality services through the open architecture model, which ensures that we act in the best interest of each client by recommending the best solution suited to that client – even if they aren’t our own services. We leverage our capabilities with the capabilities of the brightest outside professional advisors, along with industry-leading tools and technologies, to help our clients be better informed and prepared, while increasing their time to focus on what matters most to them.

A Custom Partner

Venitage is a Twin-Cities-based multi-family office assisting families in defining and achieving long-term life and financial goals. We focus on what is important to you, defined by you. We customize our relationship with your family based on your unique circumstances and goals. We work closely with your existing wealth, banking, legal, accounting and tax advisors. In cases where an advisor is not in place for a specific need, we can introduce several top-quality options. Venitage allows you to use your wealth to make your life better, simpler and your family more successful and happier.

Every family’s needs are different.  Since Venitage seeks only to meet relevant needs--rather than sell products--our service offering mirrors each client’s special circumstances.  However, the following are representative of Venitage family office services which are in the highest demand:

Financial Reporting

Aggregate investments; cash flow budgeting and reporting

Wealth Planning

Provide strategic perspective on wealth management issues

Family Governance

Establish a family council; manage regular family meetings

Family Education

Instruct and mentor family members on a variety of financial and other topics

Family Continuity

Provide backup in the event of incapacity or death of a key family leader

Administration of a Family Trust

In situations where there is no institutional trustee, Venitage can prepare and conduct trustee meetings as well as prepare minutes and trust financial reports

Estate Administration

Organize and facilitate gift and estate tax preparation for smooth processing

Generational Wealth Transfer Planning

Facilitate planning and implementation


Help the family articulate a set of philanthropy objectives, administer and support effective operation of family foundations

Risk Management & Advisory Services

Review insurance coverages and assess relevant risks, including cyber security and personal security

Personal Real Estate

Help manage all aspects of personal real estate, such as maintenance and property transactions

Medical Concerns

Facilitate access to top flight medical care by all family members, wherever they might travel or live.