Other Solutions

We handle your problems, ensure your investments are well managed and seek out worthwhile opportunities. We’ve done this for families of wealth for decades. Here are some of the solutions we provide:

Financial reporting – Preparing reports on investment holdings to ensure careful tracking of performance across managers and investment sectors; cash-flow budgeting and reporting.

Asset allocation – Advising clients on how their overall asset allocation fits their risk profile and impacts decisions about private investing and philanthropy.

Family governance – Establishing a family council; managing regular family meetings.

Family continuity – Providing backup in the event of incapacity or death of a key family leader.

Family education – Educating and mentoring family members on a variety of financial/other topics.

Philanthropy – Helping clients increase the social impact of their gifts through thoughtful analysis of charities, careful placement of gifts, and monitoring of ongoing charity performance.

Generational wealth transfer planning – Facilitating planning and implementation.

Administration of family trusts – Where there is no institutional trustee, Venitage can support family trustees by conducting meetings, as well as preparing minutes and trust financial reports.
Estate administration – Facilitating executor’s duties and administrative tasks.

Personal real estate – Helping to manage all aspects of personal real estate, sucha s property maintenance and property transactions.

Risk management – Reviewing insurance coverages and assessing relevant risks, including cybersecurity and personal security.

Medical concerns – Facilitating access to top-flight medical care for all family members, wherever they might travel or live.