Make the Right Business Ownership Decision


If you are a business owner, you are bombarded by ideas about what you should do with your largest financial asset- your business. Everyone has an idea….sell, recapitalize, continue to own the business, and many others. You also are considering…what is the impact of your decision on you and the people important to you?…will you have enough money?…how do you sort through the various options, and implement the best one?


Our seasoned team works as your fiduciary to deliver the following:


Select the best option and take action—Venitage leverages our experience buying, selling, recapitalizing and building companies like yours to ensure you experience the best approach, structure, and outcome. We also implement when the time is right.


Keep more of what you get— Venitage utilizes our decades of experience to help you formulate the right plan to manage risk, allocate resources, and manage taxes with the cash you receive. It is not what you get, but what you keep.


Get the greatest benefit from your wealth— Venitage takes great care of our clients and the people closest to them.  We help leverage your new wealth for ongoing success and impact by providing investment oversight and, where needed, design and execution of your philanthropic strategies.


Find assurance— Venitage provides assurance that you will achieve the best outcome on your most important personal and business concerns. Our business is defined by each client’s needs. We get you more value…more options…more time…more opportunity…more peace of mind. Why settle for less when you can have more?