Greater Philanthropy


There are thousands of charities out there. Some do better than others at helping people with the dollars they receive. How can you tell which is best?

Venitage can help you navigate through this critical matter.

Experience Matters

Over the years, we have directed philanthropy efforts for more than 15 families, including developing a giving strategy, helping them select charitable organizations to support, administering giving directly or through private foundations, and following up with grant recipients to ensure the funds were used well.  During this time, we oversaw foundations with more than $2 billion in assets and guided more than $200 million in charitable giving. Meanwhile, we worked closely with the management teams of
the nonprofits our clients supported, helping them lead more effectively, increasing the social impact of their efforts.

Impact Matters

You can increase your charitable ROI by drawing on our experience, tools and resources. These include a database of more than 1,000 charities, most lesser-known but which serve targeted needs more effectively. After you reconfirm your selections or choose new ones, we make sure your gifts are placed and allocated as requested.

See our case study, “Improving Family Communications and Philanthropy.”