Establishing a Family Office


Some families of significant wealth are eager to determine how best to manage the complexities of their financial and personal lives. They may suspect that the services offered by a traditional private wealth advisor may not meet their needs, which go well beyond the realm of investment advice.

Venitage can help you navigate through this critical matter.

Guiding you Through Questions

In setting up your own office you must keep in mind that you are creating a brand new financial services company – albeit one for your family’s personal benefit. If you want to seriously explore this option, you will have a number of questions to consider. While by no means exhaustive, here are some of the questions you will have:

  • What are the respective advantages and disadvantages of setting up a dedicated single-family office?
  • What are the staffing requirements?
  • How many employees will we need?
  • What qualifications must they have?
  • How difficult will it be to hire capable and experienced people?
  • How will we go about the hiring process?
  • Who will train and integrate the members of the team?
  • What functions can we outsource? (That might be a better choice than hiring full time employees).
  • Where will we office?
  • What office infrastructure will we need – telephones, IT, furniture and fixtures, etc.?

And a very important question: How much will all this cost?

Venitage: An Experienced Advisor

The extensive family office and managerial experience of Venitage’s partners allows us to evaluate your circumstances and understand your reasons for considering a dedicated single-family office. We will help answer your questions and give you thoughtful and objective advice, enabling you to make an informed judgment about this very important decision.


If you decide to implement our family office, Venitage will help you craft and then implement the structure best suited for you and your family.


We look forward to helping you!