Private Investment Opportunities


We offer you the opportunity to invest in a variety of alternative direct investments that otherwise might not be available to you. You can invest in increments that fit your portfolio, which allows you to achieve proper diversification. We do this directly and through our network of business owners and high net worth individuals. Some invest, some take in investments, while others do both. These investments fund initiatives within driving distance of the Twin Cities, which makes it easier to be directly involved, should you so choose.


Best of all, you design your own diversified portfolio of alternative investments; we then manage those investments on your behalf. These are optimal local investments that are hard to tap into elsewhere, and our fees are usually lower than other sources of alternative investments.

Private Company Opportunites

With private company investments, we back established distribution, manufacturing and service businesses with proven leadership teams.

Private Real Estate Opportunities

Our private real estate opportunities include senior housing, mixed-use developments and other endeavors.

See our case studies, "Investing in Private Businesses," "Investing in Private Real Estate."