Supplemental and Advisory Services for Family Offices


The mission of a family office is to help its clients accomplish their most important financial and personal goals. Assignments are numerous and varied, and often come with short deadlines. While office staffing is usually adequate to meet the workload, there can be times when an extra hand would be helpful. Also, on occasion the family office may choose to outsource special projects to third-party professionals because of the nature of the project or the experience of the outside professional.

Venitage: A Custom Partner

Our partners can work with you and your clients in two distinct ways: We can serve as a resource to your client advisor, enabling him or her to deliver needed services to the client; or, if desired, we can interact directly with your client or client family. In all cases, Venitage would respect the crucial and confidential relationship you have with your clients.

Venitage: A Strategic Partner

Our collective experience provides a seasoned perspective that you may find compelling.

We can help newer family offices design and implement an effective organizational structure, including hiring staff.

Venitage also has the deep experience to help existing family offices evaluate their cost structure, especially staffing levels, and consider alternatives for outsourcing certain functions, such as routine accounting tasks.

Venitage: A Partner for Your Office

Venitage can help your family office maximize its effectiveness. We can supplement the excellent work you are already doing for your clients; and we can help your office leaders confirm that the office structure and approach are on the mark.

While by no means exclusive, the following are examples of the areas where Venitage my be of assistance:

Financial Reporting

Aggregate investments; cash flow budgeting and reporting

Wealth Planning

Provide strategic perspective on wealth management issues

Family Governance

Establish a family council; manage regular family meetings

Family Education

Instruct and mentor family members on a variety of financial and other topics

Family Continuity

Provide backup in the event of incapacity or death of a key family leader

Administration of a Family Trust

In situations where there is no institutional trustee, Venitage can prepare and conduct trustee meetings as well as prepare minutes and trust financial reports

Estate Administration

Organize and facilitate gift and estate tax preparation for smooth processing

Generational Wealth Transfer Planning

Facilitate planning and implementation


Help the family articulate a set of philanthropy objectives, administer and support effective operation of family foundations

Risk Management & Advisory Services

Review insurance coverage's and assess relevant risks, including cyber security and personal security

Personal Real Estate

Help manage all aspects of personal real estate, such as maintenance and property transactions

Medical Concerns

Facilitate access to top flight medical care by all family members, wherever they might travel or live.